Armenia Will Develop Inter-Regional Enotourism Within Silk Road

Wine Tour 1

Armenia will develop inter-regional enotourism (wine tourism) within the Silk Road initiative that was adopted by the UN World Tourism Organization, head of the State Committee for Tourism Zarmine Zeituntsyan told reporters on Saturday.

According to her, Armenia jointly with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Smithsonian Institution develop the concept of a wine route, which will be sent to the tourist agencies of the countries wishing to join the enotourism project of the Silk Road.

“We have developed a strategy for Armenian domestic market, and now are working to expand it in the region in order to promote development of inter-regional tourism and intercultural dialogue,” Zeituntsyan noted.

According to her, the project aimed at attracting tourists via wine.

The wine route involves not only visits to wineries, but also acquaintance with cultural, natural monuments and other events, said the official, adding that Armenian communities will be integrated in the project.


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