Time for a Peaceful Sport Revolution in Armenia

Football legends match took place at the Vazgen Sargsyan Republican Stadium


For the first time in Armenian football  history, Latin American and European football stars came together  in Armenia’s capital Yerevan on July 8 for a Legends Match.

Participants in the match were Rivaldo, Hernán Crespo, Luis Figo Gabriel Batistuta, Dida, Cafu, Ivan Zamorano, Juliano Belletti, Serginho, Youri Djorkaeff, Jari Litmanen, Hristo Stoichkov, Demetrio Albertini, Ludovic Giuly, Kakha Kaladze, Ryan Giggs and famous football players.

Armenia’s long-time football  legends goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky and Khoren Hovhannisyan played for the European team coached by Paolo Maldini. Ronaldo took charge of the Latin American team.


The game was organized by Russia-based Armenian businessman Arthur Soghomonyan – the owner of the Armenian Yerevan FC (previously Pyunik) . The presence of the  newly elected Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan  gave special taste among the spectators who cheered him whivh  created an even  joyful atmosphere.


After this festive day, the core question lies in the future of the Armenian football.

Whether   spectators or participants team sports are important in our everyday life. For many, football is a never-ending source of conversation, fans feel a deep affinity with their team, and star players are given the status of heroes. The current fashion for people who  want to look good, fit, athletic and healthy is manifested by the opening of a large number  of fitness clubs up and sports events held. Other mental sport who is largely practiced in Armenia like chess had become part of our culture and identity. This is why we are called a smart nation by the Occident.


Looking deeper into the importance and the purpose of sports and games ,practiced individually or as a team, is the improvement of the motor skills,and discipline  among the children. This is why physical education should be  an important part in the educational curriculum.


Several initiatives have been launched to foster the  culture  of physical activity among  youth in Armenia; On the other hand, sport in Armenia  cannot escape to professionalism, multinational sponsors, media and corruption. Furthermore economic development  beside other factorsplays an important role for the development of sport. However other’s  such as sports events,participation in international competitions, hosting events and  other activities organized by NGO’s can spread the culture of sport and healthy lifestyle among the citizens .Those NGO’s  can even fight corruption to bring Armenian sports as its best . Finally the event of the Legends was Right on Time especially after the Velvet Revolution in a country that fighting   corruption which had event touched the sport sector. This sector to   needs another  special and peaceful revolution from the ministry of Sports and Youth under the guidance of the PM Nikol Pashinyan to imporve and enhance the sports sector in Armenia.


To conclude, NGOs, INGOs, new cabinet, sport ministry, clubs, schools, companies need to support more and more this vital sector in the country – the potential is very high but the resources need to be planned starting from a door to door awareness till the transformation to the sport industry in Armenia.


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