Develop Armenia Press Conference

Press Conference Develop Armenia Square
Subject: Develop Armenia Press Conference
Date: Tuesday September 18, 2018
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Aviatrans Hotel – Yerevan
Entrance: Invitation


Develop Armenia invites media representatives, social activists, stakeholders, and friends to attend our press conference that will be held at Aviatrans Hotel, 4 Abovyan str., 0010 Yerevan – Armenia.

In this conference, we will present the problems that we are facing concerning the waste management and their possible solution in the country.
Another topic will be the transparency of the media in covering the energy including mining sector news and the role of civil society to react positively; finally, we will be talking about our NGO environmental and humanitarian projects.

Join us this Tuesday September 18, 2018 afternoon at 5:00 pm at Aviatrans Hotel conference room.
We are waiting your opinion, support and cooperation as well as the flash meeting during our coffee break.
Phone: 095 44 0747

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