Yerevan: Happy 2800 Birthday!

Yerevan Photo

Today Armenia’s lovely capital Yerevan city celebrates its 2800th anniversary.
Happy 2800 anniversary our old but always young and warm city Yerevan!
Such a rich history.
Such a rich culture.
Such a powerful youth.
Such heroic people.

Having its own “birth certificate” dating back to B.C. 782 engraved on the stone, our oldest city has preserved its charm up to this day!
Remember the quote of  the founder of Yerevan, King Argishti: “The land was a desert, before the great works I accomplished upon it.”

For now, Yerevan is 2800 years old! It’s the city we’re working from and where the majority of our Armenians live. With its long history and its fast developing future, it’s the perfect base for your development and opportunities.


Let’s Work Together for a Better YEREVAN…

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