Mayrig Game – Paths to Freedom #ArmenianGenocide


Mayrig – Paths to Freedom is an interactive story, based on the historical events of the Armenian Genocide.
Reports of eyewitnesses were used, but some parts were shortened, changed or added to improve the consistency of the story.

The game is ready for (free) download for Android phones on the googleplay store:

It is also available for PCs and Laptops here:

Information about the game and creation process can be found on:


The game tells the story of a young mother and her child escaping from persecution by the soldiers with red flags, suddenly forcing her to leave her home. During her escape, the players have to make difficult decisions, leading either to disaster and death or to survival and a new life far from home.

At the end of storyline, they will find a connection between the past and the present, linking the experience to real historical events and places that are still visible today. By connecting the past to the present, they want to highlight that the challenges of migration and the consequences of discrimination and persecution are timeless.

The goal was to connect the historic content of the game to the timeless topic of escape and migration, with the story itself but also with the additional content of the game. They believe that by learning from the past and seeing how the same things still happen in the present, they can for sure work on preventing them in the future!

Co-published by Friedrich Naumann Foundation:
The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is a German foundation devoted to the promotion of liberal principles and to political education. The goal of the foundation is to advance the principles of freedom and dignity for all people in all areas of society, both in Germany and abroad. FNF promotes liberal values and above all, a greater focus on individual freedom.


Mayrig – Paths to Freedom is based not only on historical facts, but also on biographies of real people.

The woman in this photography is Mariam, a Genocide survivor and the inspiration for the protagonist and story of our game.

Thank you Garatoon for sharing the personal and emotional story of your great-grandmother with all of us!

She was an unbreakable woman with a unique story of survival and longing for a better future for her family. While playing, you will face tough decisions that she and many others had to go through.


Like life itself, an interactive story is all about decisions.

Often, the story will require you to make a decision, before it continues.
Sometimes the choices will be obvious, but many times, there will be no wrong or right. Like in real life, its always difficult and sometimes impossible to predict where a choice will lead you.

To implement the choices in the game, the team worked with the Widget Blueprint inside Unreal Engine.


Finally, you should be aware about the symbolism of the logo and the meaning of the title, Mayrig – Paths to Freedom.
The Logo is composed of three elements:

– The outside ring is the Arevakhach, the Armenian eternity sign, a national symbol of Armenians. It is found everywhere in Armenian architecture, especially at churches and other cultural buildings. There even are unicode versions of it: ֍ and ֎ (They dont display on all phones).

– Inside the eternity sign is a pomegranate, which is one of the main fruits in Armenias culture. Not only is it delicious, but also a symbol for fertility, abundance and marriage. It is also part of wedding customs and other traditions.

– The “M” on the pomegranate resembles the style of Armenian letters. The Armenian Alphabet is said to be created by the Mesrop Mashtots at 405 AD. It has as much as 39 letters and might be remotely related to Georgian and Ethopian Alphabets.

– The Armenian word “Mayrig” means “Mother” in Armenian and refers to our main character who you are leading through the interactive story. Depending on your decisions, she will take different paths, hopefully leading to freedom.


We repeat,

The game is ready for (free) download for Android phones on the googleplay store:

It is also available for PCs and Laptops here:


NB: FNF and all the team are currently working on an Eastern Armenian version and considering an additional Western Armenian version and finishing apple versions for all of these. Stay tuned !

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