Nature Photography Day – Lake Parz

Lake Parz

Nature Photography Day rolls around every year on June 15.
It’s a perfect excuse to get outside with your camera and celebrate the beauty of nature.
As Develop Armenia, we choose an amazing photo of Lake Parz.

Lake Parz (Armenian: Պարզ Լիճ) is a small lake located in the Dilijan National Park east of Dilijan – Tavush Province in Armenia. The lake was formed by natural climatic changes. “Parz” in Armenian means clear.

Conservation of nature and natural resources has been a much challenging task in the present state of affairs where economy prevails over ecology. International treaties and conventions are signed and policies, laws and Acts have been enacted by the countries across the world including Armenia but efforts should be multiplied and bridges between civil societies and government must be stronger to protect and conserve our Natural Resources future.

Time to take action: Our conservation and greening efforts include planting trees to reforest, ending plastic pollution, fighting climate change, saving species… Let’s work together for a greener country and more sustainable future.

So, on Nature Photography Day, take your camera outside to make a difference for wildlife!

It’s a wonderful event to celebrate getting outside with your camera and capturing the beauty of the natural world. But what if you take this one step farther? What if your images could not only show the wonder of wilderness, but also protect it?

We are waiting all your photos… post them on social media with the hashtag #NatureArmenia and we will do the rest!

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