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One of the major challenges of any city in the world today is the improvement, development and management of its transportation plan. Municipalities should take this issue seriously due to many reason including the population, traffic, climate changes… when they can face shortly a significant problems and high costs. This challenge is faced by Armenia basically in Yerevan but also in other major cities.

Government and many NGOs are working to develop the transportation sector with limited tools and resources accompanied knowing that the implementation of a sustainable complete plan needs a full package starting with the awareness campaign, public education supported with creative, innovative solutions, as well as political will and leadership accompanied by the participation of the civil society initiatives that can contribute this change.

As Develop Armenia, we joined the initiative of Bikeathon Armenia who consist of promoting cycling for everyone as daily transport mode in Yerevan as well they are working with the CSOs for implementing a sustainable plan.

You can find below Bikeathon Armenia small intro about their initiative:

Bicycle: What it is and why it’s great!

In short, urban cycling is just using your bicycle as a transportation method throughout Yerevan city. For example, instead of going by car or taking the train you could just hop on your bike and start pedaling!

Did you know that all the pollution and traffic jam in Yerevan are increasing year after year?

So, we as Bikeathon Armenia took the initiative to join others to promote Cycling as a efficient tool to improve the “QOF” quality of life in Armenia.

What are the benefits of the urban cycling?

– Health benefits resulting from physical activity. It’s an amazing sport for all ages.

– Less stress. Forget about the traffic problems: when on a bike, you can move almost as freely as you’d do by foot. Get wherever you need to get quicker, calmer, and so much happier.

– Significant financial benefits. Having a bike is much cheaper than owning a car and keeping it in a flawlessly working state. Plus, no gas expenses, no additional parking fees…

– Environment-friendly. It is believed that the transportation sector in Yerevan have more than 40% from the global warming emissions.

– Touristic point: Cycling is one of the best ways to get around Yerevan, Gyumri, Jermuk, Sevan as well as in different cities and villages in Armenia.

Call Bikeathon Armenia on +374 95 440747 or visit and be part of our event on Sunday, September 22, 2019

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As Develop Armenia, we invite all citizens and tourists in Armenia to join Bikeathon Armenia event and enjoy cycling in our beautiful capital Yerevan.

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